Recorded at South River Studios, Red Door Studios, and City of Progress Studios, Miami FL.
Produced, mixed and engineered by Andrés Ponce
Additional engineering by DJ Le Spam and Jose Elias
Mastered by Felipe Tichauer at Redtraxx Studios, except for:
More Music mastered by Michael Fuller at Fullersound.
Real, Keep it Flowing and Nada Más mastered by Carlos Arellano.

Sofy Encanto: Lead and background vocals
Andrés Ponce: Keyboards, programming, Venezuelan cuatro, percussion, background vocals.
Buffalo Brown: Electric and acoustic guitar, background vocals
David Burgos: Trumpet, flugelhorn
Julio Briceño: Background vocals
Orion: Rap vocals
Yorel Romans: Background vocals
Juan Manuel “Mamel” Roura: Drums
Marcos Delgado: Bass
Jose Elias: Guitar
Jose “Sapo” Gonzalez: Tenor and baritone sax
Lasim Richards: Trombone
John “Tocino” Speck: Trombone and euphonium
Chad Bernstein: Trombone
Sam Savage: Trombone
Augie Haas: Trumpet
Claudio Cruz: Tenor sax
Bryson Barnes: Trumpet
Kenny Cordoba: Acoustic and electric bass
Mike Bordelon: Bass
Miguel Gomez: Acoustic bass
Manuel “Papayo” Corao: Congas, timbales, bongos, background vocals
Alan Reyna: Tambora, background vocals
Max Farber: Rhodes
Jay Meletiche: Scratches
Aureliano “Sr. Mendez”: Venezuelan cuatro