Take it back, back to when I was a little child
take it back, back to basics

I remember back in the day
in the summer afternoon
runnin’ around all day with my friends
watching my favorite cartoon
running around the neighborhood in my bicycle
falling down, getting back up again
reaching for the world
in a popsicle from the ice-cream man

Take it back, back to when I was a little child
take it back, back to basics
take it back, when I had no worries on my mind
take it back, back to basics

Thinking back the good old days
ain’t got nothing to regret
hiding out and skipping school
smoking my first cigarette
mama used to worry all the time
don’t worry mama I’m doing fine
keep it simple is a thing
that is always on my mind

I was the worst in little league but the funniest in the dugout
sittin’ on the pine makin’ the players bug out
those were the days of building a clubhouse
when friends who thug now used to be cub scouts
riding my bicycle, campfire is magical
imagination made anything possible
trading figurines for micro machines
splashing water in the bathtub with my submarine
short days, long summers, no hassle
using bed sheets to make my room a castle
tagging my first wall, did it in broad day
bragging about basketball plays I made
shopping at Payless know when I played best
than most kids with Nikes in recess
I know now what I knew then
that I was rich with family, old and new friends

Going up a ladder, climbing up a mango tree
nothing even matters, life is so sweet to me
take it back, back to basics